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Thyroxine 75

Thyroxine 75

Thirid 100

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Used in Thyroid

Product Description

Thyroxine is generally prescribed to individuals with Hashimoto's thyroiditis to help manage their thyroid hormone levels. In some cases if a patient goes through a thyroid surgery, thyroxine is required to such patients to replace the lost thyroid function. If a patient suffers from pituitary disorders, Thyroxine is given to such patients for treatment. In cases of thyroid cancer, thyroxine used to suppress the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone to reduce or control the abnormal growth of any remaining cancer cells. When thyroid gland becomes unable to produce enough thyroid hormones in the body this condition is known as hypothyroidism. Thyroxine tablet is primarily used in such cases. It works as a supplement by which human body can recover the lacking of required quantity of thyroid hormones and in this way it can normalize the effect and symptoms of hypothyroidism. The main symptoms of hypothyroidism is being fatigue which results lack of energy and motivation, Sudden weight gain or Weight loss, clod intolerance and mood swings etc. Thyroxine mainly contain the synthetic form of thyroid hormone T4, so the consumption of Thyroxine tablets leads to to fulfill the deficiency of the  necessary thyroid hormones required for the body.