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Vildagliptin Tablet

Vildagliptin Tablet


Product Details:

Vildagliptin is a DPP-4 inhibitor. It treats type 2 diabetes mellitus. How does it work? It boosts the level of incretin hormones in the blood. These are the hormones that regulate blood sugar levels. This drug is generally safe. Most people tolerate it well. How ever it may cause some side effects. These include headache. They also include nasopharyngitis. This condition manifests as symptoms of a common cold. The side effects list continues. It enumerates upper respiratory tract infections. Diarrhea is also a side effect. So is constipation. Dizzinessis among the adverse effects. Fatigue is another. Allergic reactions may also occur. There can also be serious side effects. These ones occur rarely. They include pancreatitis. This condition happens due to inflammation in the pancreas. Severe allergic reactions are also on the serious side effects list. It is crucial to discuss vildagliptin with your doctor. Evaluate risks versus benefits of this treatment. The doctor can help with deciding. They guide whether or not vildagliptin suits you.

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